"I've got the "ZB Jeebies™ !"

I've collected some pictures of guitars created by Mr. Zane Beck and manufactured by
Zane Beck, Tom Brumley and others under the brand name "ZB Custom."
These are undeniably some of the finest sounding
Pedal Steels ever manufactured, mechanically unique, and some are quite striking in appearance.
These pictures have been contributed by the guitar's current owners

Clicking on a picture will give you a lerger version of the "thumbnail" image.

I guess I'll start off with mine:
Dave Van Allen's Original 1973 ZB Custom S-10:
bought new, mail order from the factory...

"Rub Iddin, Rub Iddin..."
1974 dva at the ZB S-10 backing
Billy "Crash" Craddock;
the piano pounder is Stuart Smith.

Dave Van Allen's Current 1973 ZB Custom D10 :
Mechanics refurbed, metal polished by B.Greg Jones

"Originally GREEN, the dyes in the laquer photoreacted
over time and mellowed to this walnut hue"

"Top view"

"My Fave Logo; pretty wood!"

"Tuner end-Note the famous tailfins:
the dark spot in the blonde
top is a cigarette burn;
poorly repaired by a previous owner,
I asked Greg NOT to refinish it-
it adds to the 'honky tonk authenticity'..."

dva and his ZB Custom Pedal Steel Guitars:
1974 / 2004


"and Now"

Duncan Hodge's

Ooooh, Sunbursty!

In the Case

On The Beach...

ZB on the Cover of SG Magazine:

Thanks to Maestro
Jody Carver for this one!

Brad Sarno's

Brad's Beauty




Rusty Young circa 1969

Rusty with Poco

Someone put it thru Photoshop...
oooh! Psychedelic!

Rare Bird: an S-12 ZB!
Chuck McGill is the "transitional" owner (06-04)




Hot Dang!

B.Greg Jones: historical ZB pix, personal guitars, guitars he has refurbed
(all info is from B.Greg's emails to me)

"Here are 2 pics of Brumley.
The 1st one is about 1965 with Buck"

"...The 2nd one is at the shop in Kingsland, TX
when he owned the company about 1982."

"This pic was taken about 12 years ago.
The guitar is a 1969 D-10, 8 & 2, Serial # 0014,
built in Bakersfield. This guitar had been
in a flooded basement when I got it.
I refinished it myself in Blue, basically my 1st ever rebuild."

"This is one of mine.
D-10, invoiced on June 26th, 1966, serial # 1037.
Lee Gillespie was the original owner.
Originally 8 & 2 now 8 & 5 soon to be 6.

"This is another one of my personal guitars.
D-11-10, 8 floors and 8 knees, serial number is 0455,
just 3 numbers older than your (dva's) D-10...
I rebuilt this guitar before I got any
ZB parts or had a machine buffer."

"... the guitar I bought from Brumley in 1996.
SD-11, 4 & 7, ser# 3006. Built in Kingsland Texas bout 1979.
This was the very 1st ZB to be cut down
and shortened a bit.
This guitar was on Janie Fricke's "Always Have, Always Will" single
and Dwight Yoakum's "Hillbilly Deluxe album.
Most notably the song "Johnson's Love"

a 1966 D-10, built for Sonny Curtis, Ser# 1034.
It is now owned by John Borchard from Athens,Ohio.
Sonny replaced the decals with the newer ones.
In the pic w/me setting at the guitar,
that is my 66 D-10 setting behind me.

The next pic is Sonny himself,
being reunited with his 1st ZB.
This guitar cut the record
"Stand By Your Man" with Tammy Wynette

This is still #1034 after I refurbed it.
Owned by John Borchard.

The 2nd pic is my table at the Lexington
steel show in 2002. On the table is Jim Florence's D-11, #0017
in the process of a refurb. Next to it is
a S-10 that I am building completely out of NOS parts
including the body. On the floor is a
BMI D-10 that I sold, Next is Chick Donner's D-11-10, Ser# 0013.
He brought it in for display, I haven't worked on that one.
The last guitar is my D-11-10, # 455

This is Dave Zirbel's ZB getting the test run after
rehearsal at Renfro Valley... 1969, Ser#0116

Dave Zirbel's 1969:

Richard Burton's Red Loafer:

Love that 2-tone Loafer Pad!

"Mike V's"'s '69:

Mike V says:"hi Dave,
Nice site you got going there.
Here's a pic or 2 of my ZB.
Info: Serial #0102, built in '69 sometime.
Just aquired by me in Early June '04
D-10, 7 floor/3 knees,
resides in concord, CA
works and sounds great!"

More to come!!!!!!!!